Just a few roach photos to browse if you so desire.  A sneak peek at the enemy, if you will... I will be adding more photos as I run across them. Click on the photos to see more clearly.  

bbroa.jpg (59267 bytes) Brown Banded Cockroaches.  Pretty common in the Summer.  Sometimes called "water or tree roaches."

comproa.jpg (70101 bytes) Compare various species.  Most of these common in Texas.  Certainly around these parts!

eggroa.jpg (55175 bytes) Different species egg sacks.  Usually stuck around outside door-facings or around the outside of windows.  The German roach carries her egg sack until it is mature.

gerroa.jpg (64572 bytes) German Roach.  This is the one people worry about.  Usually the one found in apartments or restaurants.  Potential for large populations rather quickly.  Does not enter from outside and can be a problem anytime of the year.  Usually introduced into residence from grocery sacks, boxes brought from a location having these roaches, or even from the purse of unsuspecting person who has these roaches in their own residence.  They love to get inside appliances.  One of their favorite places are those handy wooden knife holders that sit on countertops.   

woodroa.jpg (52214 bytes) The Wood Roach.  Another very common roach here in Texas.  Usually the ones you see laying around in the garage.  They actually can fly, but are not very good at it.  If one flies right at you, don't feel bad... they can't see worth a darn and if they knew you were there, they would fly in the other direction.

amerroa.jpg (65085 bytes) The American Roach.  Probably the most common roach you will see around here.  Again, you will often see them littering the garage.  Another lousy flier. 



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