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Rodent Service  (TOP)

Customers of Colony Pest Control are very aware of my opinion that most rodent control can be done quite easily by homeowners themselves.  Home Depot and Lowes carry a pretty good supply of traps and bait.  These are really your only two options.  Exclusion is important if you can find entry points.  Pest control companies tend to charge some of their highest prices for rodent control.  The fear factor plays a part here.  If you simply do not want to bother with it, I will be more than happy to address you problem.  Minimum service call for rodents is $53.00 (plus tax).  It goes up from there.


Bees / Wasps (TOP)

I do not kill honey bees.  If they are within your home, you might try Texpert Termite & Pest Control 281-933-7474.  Keep in mind that these services are usually very expensive.  If you simply have a ball of honey bees hanging on a tree branch, give them 24 hours and they will usually leave on their own.  Honey bees populations are dropping at an alarming rate and it will be very damaging to our ecology if this continues.  By law they are not supposed to be killed unless they threaten life.  Honey bees rarely threaten lives.  They are really quite friendly.

As for wasps, I am certainly available to treat them if you have a large nest.  If you simply have wasps flying around they outside, there is not much you can do about that.  They are kind of a "shoot 'em as you see them" pest.  The over-the-counter sprays work just fine on wasp nest.  You usually can hit them from about 20 feet.


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