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bullet1.   What does General Pest Control service include?
bullet2.   Do we have to leave the house?
bullet3.   What about ants?
bullet4.   What about children and pets?
bullet5.   What if I'm pregnant?
bullet6.   What chemical do you use and does it have an odor?
bullet7.   What if I have allergies?
bullet8.   Do I have to empty out my cabinets?
bullet9.   Will I still see bugs after my service?
bullet10.   Why is my friend's price lower with the same size house?
bullet11.  Do you charge anything for call-backs?






What does General Pest Control service include?   

I treat the complete inside of the home, around the perimeter, the garage and the attic if it is accessible.  It does not include the yard, though I will usually treat ant mounds that I notice if they are located in areas that are heavily traveled.  It does not include rodent control or termite control. (TOP)

Do we have to leave the house? 

You generally do not have to leave the house during treatment.  Humans and pets need to keep away from treated surfaces while they are wet.  The chemical usually dries within 15 to 30 minutes of being sprayed.  Children need to be kept occupied so they will not be handling treated surfaces while they are wet. (TOP)

What about ants?  (TOP)

Ants probably deserve their own complete website!  We are definitely in a battle with ants in this area.  Most ants enter from the perimeter, so regularly treating around the outside is helpful.  The WORST thing you can do is hit the ants with residual sprays such as Raid™, Black Flag™, etc.  Only baits should be used in combating ants inside.  The spreading around of ants is usually accomplished by using residual sprays.  Unfortunately for pest control companies, this is usually what occurs before we are finally contacted.  Once the ant problem is spread around to multiple areas, it makes control much more difficult to accomplish.  Not impossible but difficult.  Dealing with ant problems falls under the "general" service category with Colony Pest Control.  We do pretty much whatever needs to be done for our regular service prices.  We don't separate ants from other pest problems as some companies have come to do.  We simply utilize baits where they are necessary in addition to the regular pest treatment.

What about children and pets?  

Again, children and pets simply need to be kept away from treated surfaces until they are dry.  This is dictated by the chemical label which must be followed by law.  Once surfaces have dried, there are no restrictions.  Of course, kids toys will never be sprayed on, so there is no need to worry about anything that the kids might be playing with after a service. (TOP)

What if I'm pregnant? 

Since the chemical I use most of the time has an extremely low atomization level, there should be no problem in staying around during a service.  The chemical does not float around the room, so unless you handle a treated surface while wet, you do not come in contact with the spray.  Of course, if you are uncomfortable being present during the service, arrangements simply have to be made for you to be out of the house for an hour or so. (TOP)

What chemical do you use and does it have an odor?

Since chemicals change from time to time, I would rather give chemical names at the time of service.  Most chemicals I use are either odorless or very low odor.   (TOP)

What if I have allergies?

Since the chemical I usually use inside homes does not atomize (float around after being sprayed), there is usually no aggravation of allergies.  I have never had an issue with any allergy flare-ups during my long tenure in this business.  (TOP)

Do I have to empty out my cabinets?  

It is always a good idea to empty out cabinets for at least the first service.  This is especially important if you have German roaches.  (See Picture)  The bottom line is that I am prevented by law (and common sense) from spraying on dishes.  If the cabinets have items in them, I usually am able to spray a bit on the inside of the door and maybe on an empty shelf if I see one.  If you want the kitchen serviced thoroughly, emptying the cabinets must be done.  The lower cabinets are the most important.  Some customers empty a few cabinets for each service.  If you do not have a German roach problem, you can usually get by without emptying any cabinets. (TOP)

Will I still see bugs after my service?  

The honest answer to this question is yes.  Bugs will still be able to enter the house after it has been serviced.  The only way to totally exclude insects from a residence is to seal it up to the point of being airtight.  This is, of course, impossible.  Since most pesticides are fairly sensitive to ultraviolet light and to heat, the perimeter treatment is usually gone within a few days.  In certain cases, I have found some benefit to using a waterproof dust in the weep holes.  It helps somewhat, but most of the bugs that will end up dying will die inside after contacting the spray used there.  It is the only chemical that will last for a long period of time since the inside of a residence is pretty much climate controlled.  Most bugs die pretty quickly after entering.  Spiders are probably the slowest to die.  They can run around for about 24 hours before they even look sick.  Spraying the lawn with a liquid insecticide from time to time usually will help cut the spider population down and that means less spiders coming in around doors and windows. (TOP)

Why is my friend's price lower with the same size house?  

We try not to raise prices more than every few years.  It usually takes several months for each customer to be notified as their services come up about a price increase.  If you are quoted a different price than someone who has the same floor plan, chances are the price increase is recent and that customer's price has not been changed yet.   (TOP)  

Do you charge anything for call-backs?  

No.  If you have a problem between services, feel free to call and we will see what needs to be done.  If it is getting close to your next service, we will give you the option to either do the service as your regular quarterly service done early and you would not be due again for about 3 months from when your service was actually due, or we will go ahead and do a retreat and you will not be charged.  If you are within a couple of weeks of being due for a regular service and you decide you want the free retreat, keep in mind that the retreat does not count as a service in keeping with a quarterly price.  We will simply call you when you are due (which would be a couple of weeks later) and if you decide to put it off (since we were just there...), if more than 4 months go by since the last paid service, you will not get the quarterly price the next time you do get service. (TOP)



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