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bulletDo I have to sign a contract?
bulletDo we have to leave the house?
bulletDoes the chemical have an odor?
bulletIf I still have problems, do you charge for a retreat?
bulletDo I have to remember to call you for service?
bulletWhat is included in your regular service?
bulletWhat if I cancel my scheduled service at the last minute, is there a charge.
bulletIs the price you quote me on the phone the final price?
bulletDo you do free inspections?






Do I have to sign a contract(TOP)

No.  Your price for a given service is always figured by the last service date.  Just as with a contract, you price is lower if you get serviced on a regular basis.  After 4 months, the quarterly discount no longer applies and you pay the regular price.  You do not ever have to sign anything.

Do we have to leave the house (TOP)

Generally you do not have to leave during or after a general pest control service.  If the roach problem is severe and I determine that aerosol is required, you might have to leave for a couple of hours after that is done.  This is a rare situation and if it is not convenient for you to leave at that time, we would simply schedule another time in about 30 days to do the fumigation.  (this allows us to determine if aerosols is actually necessary.)  For flea service you generally have to leave for a bit.  (see Flea FAQ

Does the chemical have an odor?  (TOP)

In most cases there is no odor with our service.  This is especially the case for general pest control.  If there is a severe infestation an aerosol might be used which does have a slight odor.  Flea service inside does include some odor, but it is minor.  I will inform you before starting if there might be enough odor to possibly cause you to want to not stay while service is performed.

 If I still have problems, do you charge for a respray?  (TOP)

No, we do not charge for retreats.  If you are very close to coming due for your next service, we will offer to simply do the next service early.  We would then call you 3 months from when you would have actually been due.  If you choose to go ahead and get the free retreat, you will be called at your normal time.  This might be a couple of weeks later.  If you choose to put off the regular service, please remember that after 4 months you no longer get the quarterly discount.  The free re-spray does not reset the 4 month time.

Do I have to remember to call you for service?  (TOP)

No.  We will call you when your service is due.  If you think you are getting close to being due and you see a day that is good for you, you can always call us and we will go ahead and set up the service then.


What is included in your regular service?  (TOP)

I service the total inside, around perimeter, attic and garage.  Regular service includes most insects.  It does not include termites, fleas, rodents, snakes, wasps/bees.  If kitchen cabinets are emptied, I can service more thoroughly there.  I cannot spray around food or dishes.

What if I cancel my service at the last minute, is there a charge?  (TOP)

No.  We do appreciate having as much notice as possible, but we also understand that things do come up.

Is the price you quote me on the phone the final price?  (TOP)


Do you do free inspections?  (TOP)

Since we quote a price on the phone, we do not do free inspections.  Most inspections are done to figure a price and we do this by the size of the home with standardized prices. 








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