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Colony Pest Control is a local, family owned and operated, business right here in Sugar Land.  I'm Mark Hubert and I do all the service work.  My wife Donna is the voice at the other end of the phone.  I have been doing this for over 30 years now.  (Actually a lot longer if you consider the years I worked with my father during the summers while I was in school.)  Pest Control has been the family business since about 1969.  

Our business philosophy is pretty simple.  We try to offer the best personal service at the lowest price.  We don't often raise prices.  We try to return messages within a short time.  We show up on time or we call if running more than 10 or so minutes late.  We schedule at your convenience.  Unfortunately, since I do all the work myself, we are not always as flexible as we would like to be.  I haven't figured out a way around that "can't be in two places at once" problem.  We do try to hit it as close to the time a customer wants as we can.  I start pretty early and sometimes work until pretty late to fit in everyone that wants to get done.

We also shun contracts.  Our prices work very similar to a contract though.  If you get done on a regular basis, you get a lower price.  You simply do not have to sign anything.  You must get your services done within 4 months to get the lower "quarterly" price.

We appreciate all our customers and we always try and treat everyone the same way.  If you like us and you tell a friend, you can be sure that friend won't come back to you mad.  We will treat your friend like we treated you. 

Give us a try.  You'll be glad you did.



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